Los Angeles Dog Bite/Dog Attack Attorney

Each year throughout the country, 4.7 million people suffer dog bites. At our law firm, our Los Angeles dog bite attorneys aggressively represent victims who have been injured in a dog bite or dog attack. Some of the more serious injuries require hospitalization or some form of medical attention, including deep infections, nerve or tendon damage, and tissue loss. Medical expenses associated with dog or other animal attacks can be quite high, depending upon the nature of the injury

In most cases the owner of the dog that caused the injury is held liable for the dog's actions. Even if the owner of the dog is not present, it is still the owner's responsibility and he will be held liable in the event of a lawsuit. Our aggressive dog bite attorneys can investigate the case and can advise you of your legal rights. Dog bite laws can be complex and tend to vary between counties and cities as well as states. By considering the exact circumstances of the attack as well as where you were bitten or attacked, the experienced Los Angeles dog bite attorneys at our firm can tell you exactly what your legal options are. Our firm will get you the compensation you deserve and the benefits you need to get quality medical care.

Animal injuries may arise in a variety of situations. Some examples include:

  • Failure to restrain an animal;
  • Failure to keep the dog on a leash;
  • An owner's failure to provide proper fencing at his property;
  • An owner's negligence in leaving a gate or door open.

Sadly, most maulings involve children who are bitten on the face. To minimize facial scarring from such attacks, your child may need extensive medical care such as skins grafts and plastic surgery. Children may also need months or years of counseling to overcome fears of being attacked. Injuries from a dog bite can be especially traumatic for a young child who may have to spend years with a disfigurement until he or she is fully grown and can undergo the proper corrective surgery.

Our law firm understand that recovery from dog attacks often involves extensive medical care and ongoing therapy, creating large expenses for the victims.  Combined with their reduced income due to taking time off work and/or being unable to return to work, dog bite victims often require substantial financial resources to recover. Our firm is dedicated to helping victims obtain the needed monetary resources from those responsible for their suffering through negotiations and/or litigation. Contact the dog bite attorneys at our law firm today. We have Orange County dog bite lawyers, Riverside dog bite lawyers, San Bernardino dog bite attorneys and Las Vegas dog bite lawyers to serve you in your area. Contact us for a free consultation.